The next C:ORE Risk Conference will run early 2021.Dates will be announced soon.

Firstly, we hope you are all safe and well. 

Secondly, an update.

The C:ORE Risk team have been monitoring the Covid19 situation since early January 2020.

In January, certainly February, Covid19 was a classic Gray Rhino 🦏- (more on this at the conference)

Towards the end of January, it became clear that there was a very high likelihood of a global Pandemic and team members were advising their clients accordingly.

Our very real fears were realised, health threats to the populace, plans to roll out discounted courses to 2019 delegates scuppered  and it became apparent that the world would be changed, with flights and face to face conferences unlikely until a vaccine or effective treatment was discovered.

Team members have been active working with organisations on pre lockdown preparation from January and through lockdown. This includes assisting outdoor, adventure travel, media, exploration and professional services organisations.

Understandably, for many people, Covid19 has taken up all available bandwidth as individuals, families and organisations worked through the new reality. 

We made an active decision early on to wait, monitor and review information, which has been changing by the day, before making any key decisions. Now we have a clearer picture, we are moving forwards. 


Given the advisory and operational work the organisers are involved with, we have decided to run a virtual conference early 2021.

We are planning towards a virtual, live C:ORE Risk Conference, with the programme being unveiled very soon.

For those new to C:ORE Risk, the 2021 conference will bring an option to repeat some of the sessions from 2019. A host of new sessions will include diverse subjects including topical:  safety in the Covid19 environment, including from expedition medics who worked in the frontline in ICU on Covid19 wards, the new ISO:31030 Travel Risk Management standard, including hearing from members of the U.K. committee who worked on it...and a host of other sessions to refresh, prepare, educate and enthuse our delegates and alumni as they prepare for the future. 

Keep watching this space ! 

Stay safe!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at